I remain extremely appreciative of the services provided to us by the American and International Red Cross. I received much support and food from them. My time as a Prisoner of War would have been considerably tougher, and would have seemed longer, if I had not received supplies from the Red Cross. I have, ever since, made generous contributions to the Red Cross to help support the fine work they continue to do in the face of natural or man-made disasters.

It is interesting to note, in retrospect, the "benefits" I received from the American government as a result of being held as a German Prisoner of War while in the service of the U.S. Army. For example, each of us POWs was given a dollar for each day spent in a prisoner of war camp. In my case, that amounted to $224. Also, the State of Illinois provides free license plates for one car, we are given free Illinois hunting and fishing licenses, and receive free admission to all national parks. I assure you, however, I would very much have preferred that my glider had not gone down, placing this farm boy from Gridley into enemy hands in September of 1944!

My parents and I