Military History

  2/8   received draft notice
  2/18 inducted at Bloomington, IL
  2/19 physical exam in Peoria, IL
  2/25 reported to Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL,for orientation
  3/1 reported to Fort Sill Military Reservation, OK, for basic training
  6/21 reported to Fort Bragg, NC, for 101st Airborne training
  8/30 reported to Camp Shanks, NY
  9/4 left New York on troop ship
  9/15 arrived Liverpool, England and traveled to Whatcombe Farms for D-Day training
  5/13 two weeks in Wales preparing for D-Day invasion
  6/1 aboard ship in English Channel
  6/6 D-Day, Utah Beach, Normandy, France
  7/20 returned to Whatcombe Farms
  9/17 traveled to Aldermaston Airfield for aborted mission into Paris
  9/19 left England aboard CG-4A glider for mission into the interior of France, but shot down near Tilburg, Holland
  9/20 began forced march through Holland
  9/28 boarded boxcar in Utrecht
  10/1 arrived Stalag XII-A near Limburg, Germany
  10/10 left XII-A on train
  10/15 arrived Stalag VII-A at Moosburg - 40 miles from Munich
  12/25 Christmas in a Prisoner of War camp
  3/25 moved out of VII-A to boxcar near Munich
  4/9 survived US air strike on Munich while on work detail
  4/30 liberated by US troops
  5/6 flown to Camp Lucky Strike in France
  6/1 left France on USS LeJeune
  6/10 arrived New York and left for Chicago on six-week furlough
  6/13 back home to family in Gridley, IL
  7/12 married in Bloomington, IL
  8/28 left for Miami, then Camp Lee, VA, then Camp Shanks, NY
  10/28 discharged from military at Camp Shanks